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Системы хранения данных INFORTREND SCSI - SCSI RAID

3 года гарантии на системы хранения данных infortrend

INFORTREND ES U16U-G3A3-4M2 16-Bay 3U SCSI-TO-SCSI 128Mb cache
INFORTREND ES U16U-G3A3-4M2 16-Bay 3U SCSI-TO-SCSI 128Mb cache
Технические Характеристики INFORTREND ES U16U-G3A3-4M2
Multiple arrays configurable with dedicated or global hot spares
levels supported: 0, 1 (0+1), 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, NRAID and JBOD
Online expansion by:
Adding new drives
Copying and replacing drives with drives of larger capacity
Experienced firmware with
IOSmart Technology
DrvSmart Technology
SysSmart Technology
Host Interface:
Two (2) SCSI-320 through dual-stacked VHDCI 68-pin SCSI port, SCSI-160 backward compatible
Concurrent I/O commands
Tagged command queuing up to 256
Variable stripe size per Logical Drive
Optimization setting for random or sequential I/Os
Drive Interface:
Sixteen (16) SCSI drive trays that accommodate 1-inch pitch, 3.5-inch SCSI-320 disk drives, SCSI-160 backward compatible
Automatic bad-sector reassignment
Drives hot-swappable
Dual channels across 16 drives within each subsystem
System Components
Redundant, hot-swappable components designed for no single point of failure
One (1) Infortrend EonStor 3U enclosure
One (1) Infortrend RAID controller module
One (1) 256MB or above DDR RAM DIMM module (pre-installed on the controller module)
Two (2), hot-swappable, redundant, 460W power supply units (PSUs)
Two (2) hot-swappable, dual-speed, redundant, dual-fan cooling modules
Sixteen (16) hot-swappable drive trays
Two (2) front handles, one (1) with LCD panel
Optional battery backup unit (BBU)
Management INFORTREND ES U16U-G3A3-4M2
Front LCD control panel for setup and configuration
10/100 BaseT Ethernet for out-of-band management
Auto on-lining of cascaded enclosures
RS-232C for local access to firmware-embedded utility
Firmware-embedded Java-based RAIDWatch ® GUI manager:
VT-100 terminal emulation via RS-232C
Telnet access via onboard Ethernet port
Cross-platform, remote administration with SSL
Out-of-band access via Ethernet
Centralized management to monitor and administer multiple RAID units on one screen
Configuration client for real-time event notification over Email, Fax, LAN broadcast, SNMP Traps, MSN messenger, ICQ, SMS short messages, and the configuration utility screen